Fuse Tech is driven to be your long-term solution for ceramic welding, professional furnace maintenance, service and repair. Keeping your facility producing at the highest capacity is the value we aim to deliver with our proprietary process. Led by our quality team of experienced welders and technicians, we provide turnkey high temperature furnace and refractory solutions and efficient business continuity for small to large scale factories specific to your precise needs. Reduce operational costs and enhance your facility by starting here.

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Furnace problems can occur with little warning. At Fuse Tech, we can mobilize a response team quickly to ensure minimal downtime and damage to your industrial furnace.

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Reduce Cost And Increase Productivity With Proper Maintenance

Our patented process and equipment has proved valuable across many industries. Prevent emergency spending by investing in maintenance now and keep your employees and facility safe for the future.

  • Reduces Downtime for Higher Productivity
  • Less Labor Due to Emergency Repairs
  • Safer and Quicker
  • Cost Reduction

5 Reasons to Follow a Maintenance Schedule

Industrial Furnace Repair And Service

Repairing industrial furnaces has been our specialty from the beginning, and we take pride in offering several proprietary, customized methods as your turnkey commercial furnace service solutions provider. Our highly-experienced team is familiar with a wide variety of industries, commercial tank furnace types and repair needs, bringing our shop to you without need for additional on-site assistance. Click here to see how we can deliver a long-term solution to your immediate needs.

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Industrial Furnace Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy and fully-functional industrial furnace is crucial to your long-term success, as is keeping costs to do so low. With over 150 years combined industry experience, our technicians will deliver a low-cost solution to ensure your operations continue without disruption. We will educate your team to ensure the highest details of maintenance workmanship are covered, guaranteeing satisfaction for years to come.

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Fuse Tech Industry Expertise

Since 1993, Fuse Tech has provided long-term solutions to service a wide variety of industries and material types.